January 2015 Favorites



Each month I send out a Favorites list to my colleagues. I try to feature things that I’ve read or come across that month that I find awesome or inspirational. Here’s my January 2015 list:


Using Superbowl Ads in the Classroom
This is a great site that has resources and lessons for using Superbowl Ads. What a great way to use an exciting event to help teach students media literacy!

Education Closet’s STEAM Portal
This is a great resource for teachers and schools wishing to invest time and resources into STEAM learning.

Free Technology for Teachers: A Few Graphing Calculators for your Chrome Browser
This is a great post by Richard Byrne that offers options for graphing calculators on Chrome. This is such a helpful post for schools that are 1:1 Chromebooks!

16 of the Best Blended Learning Resources
Blended learning uses both in-person and online methods to teach students, and there are several different models for implementing it in the classroom. These resources explain the basics of blended learning, but they also dig deeper and can help you decide which approach may be best for your students.

Free Technology for Teachers: Vocabulist Helps Students Students Create Study Aids
This online tool for helping students learn vocabulary has the option to export to Quizlet. Why not meet students where they want to be and offer more online options for traditional learning activities like vocabulary review!


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