Give the girl a standing ovation please! I just say, SNOW DAYS!!! Not one, but three days. That’s hours of extra time that I get to spend planning, collaborating, creating, reading, dreaming…and organizing! If you know me, then you know that I am a pretty neat person. My desk has everything in its place, so much so that even my students know where things are. Messiness makes me anxious and clutter gives me the urge to just start throwing things out!

Since I’ve had a lot of extra time over the past few days to work from home, I decided that it was time to begin organizing my work life. I come across so much content on a daily basis that I can’t possibly read or look at it all. Because of this, I’ve collected an insane amount of bookmarks. I have to admit that my bookmarks in Chrome were organized pretty well, but I realized that I was always looking for something that was saved in my school Google account, while I was using my personal account or vice versa.

This led me to log into my Evernote account, which I haven’t used in forever. I deleted all my old notebooks (I haven’t logged in for forever, so obviously that content isn’t that important to me) and built it from the ground up. I created all new notebooks and stacks and spent hours one day organizing all of my bookmarks into them. While the work was tedious, when I was done, I felt so accomplished! I love that I can use the app on my phone or iPad as well and it allows me to quickly sync and access all of the content I’ve curated. I have committed to using this tool for content curation, and I’m even considering upgrading to the Pro account so I have more storage.

In addition to organizing all of my bookmarks and Web content, I also cleaned out my Feedly account to make it more concise. There were many feeds that I no longer has use for or that are no longer inspiring me.

tweetThe organization didn’t stop there. I picked up my iPad (which I hadn’t used in months, I know, cringe!) and got to work organizing and deleting apps like crazy. I put all of my apps in groups based on functionality and use and separated the groups on various pages to make sure everything is easy to access. I had so many apps that I downloaded and promised myself I would open and try later, but later never came. I went through every app I had never touched and explored it to decide if it was worth keeping or not. I realized after I finished that the reason I hadn’t picked up my iPad in so long, is because I had page after page of random apps, and that chaos dissuaded me from using it at all.

Lastly, I reorganized my iPhone. I had everything in groups, but realized, while this works great for me with my iPad, the extra clicking when I use my phone annoys me. When I’m using my phone, I usually want to be able to very quickly swipe and click, and even one extra touch can slow me down. For this reason, I took all of my apps out of their carefully created groups and set up pages based on use and functionality. I also weeded through and got rid of many apps that I no longer use that were truly just taking up space! Now my phone is so much easier for me to access.

All of this organizing and deleting has shown me that I tend to grab and download things on a whim because I read a great review or see that someone else is using it in a cool way. And there’s nothing wrong with this, but because I do it so much, I never have time to actually explore everything I find. Being aware of this will help me to focus on quality, rather than quantity and, in turn, make better use of the tools I do have.

Here’s a few shots of my go-to apps on my iPhone:



Have any of you been organizing during your snow days?


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