February 2015 Favorites



Each month I send out a Favorites list to my colleagues. I try to feature things that I’ve read or come across that month that I find awesome or inspirational. Here’s my February 2015 list:


Infographic I created to share awesome apps for sharing on the go.

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Free Technology for Teachers: Setting a Goal When You Feel Overwhelmed with Technology Options
This is a short, but awesome post about avoiding that overwhelming feeling of never being able to stay ahead of technology tools and trends. None of us will ever be able to keep up, but I love his advice on picking one new thing to try each month. I am a believer in picking one thing and doing it well, as opposed to trying everything and never mastering anything. What new tool will you focus on this coming month?

Coding, Coding, Coding! A Symbaloo by Shannon Miller
Are you interesting in integrating coding into your classroom instruction? This Symbaloo contains tons of awesome resources for coding. It’s a great place to start exploring the world of learning to code.

Top 20 STEM Education Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Now!
Do you listen to podcasts? If you haven’t, they’re an awesome way to learn! This post has numerous podcasts that have a STEM theme! Aside from this list, I’m loving Nerdette and Invisibilia.

How to Turn a Research Project Into an Infographic
Using infographics in the classroom is such a creative way to allow students to analyze and synthesize information, while maintaining their voice. This post shows how a teacher used infographics within a larger research project.

Measure What You Care About
This short piece by Seth Godin makes me think of many of the issues plaguing public education.


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