Goosechase and Digital Learning Day

I’ve been so busy lately, and with being out 3 days for NCTIES 15, I had no time to make huge plans for digital learning day. Our school is 1:1 Chromebooks, so I feel like every day is digital learning day! This year, I wanted to target my colleagues and have them create, explore, share and connect by using digital tools.

During a session at NCTIES 15, I was introduced to an awesome scavenger hunt type app called Goosechase. This app allows users to create a goosechase [aka challenge] and its corresponding missions. Your goosechase has a unique name and can be password protected so only people with the password can participate. The missions are unique to you and your purpose for the goosechase, but each mission will be completed through snapping a picture of the “proof.” The picture is then uploaded to the mission and the mission is marked complete.

Goosechase is free; however, you can only have up to 10 teams participating in a challenge at one time. To work around this when using Goosechase with my colleagues for Digital Learning Day, I pre-selected their teams based on their departments, putting smaller departments together into one team. When using this app with students, you can put them in teams or create multiple Goosechases; maybe one for each class.

After introducing this activity to my colleages, they were off! They completely embraced the missions and had fun posting their pictures. Since this Goosechase focused on Digital Learning Day, all of the mission I created focused on creating, playing, discovering and connecting via digital tools and resources. My missions were: GooseChaseMissions

When you create each mission, you’re able to assign it however many points you wish. I gave most missions 10 points, but did give more points to a few missions that would require a little more time/effort to complete. I also love that you are able to give bonus points to any picture that you choose. I awarded a few bonus points along the way when a team uploaded a super creative or unique picture.

Take a look at the mission photos here.

I’ve had many teachers come up to me and thank me for creating this Goosechase. Not only did they have fun participating in the challenge, they immediately saw the application for their own classrooms. Three teams tied for 1st place, so now, the hard part for me is to choose the winner!


#NCTIES15 – Making it Personal

IMG_0745NCTIES 15 was an awesome experience. Every session I attended was full of great information and ideas for application in the classroom and my school. I left the conference on Friday afternoon exhausted, but in the best way. My mind was buzzing with new ideas, so much so that I could barely sleep that night. That weekend, I immediately began figuring out ways to implement the things I saw and created while at NCTIES 15.


There were definitely trends that emerged as the conference kicked off. There were so many session offerings on making learning personal for students by including play, discovery and more creativity in learning experiences. I noticed many sessions on gaming, gamification of the classroom and how to incorporate coding into instruction. There wernctiescchs Day 1 Recap  with images  tweets  · tavia_clark · Storifye also makerspaces galore and tons of opportunities to play. One idea that is very important is that not only should we allow our students to play, but we, as educators, need to play too! I loved the gamification session I went to and found myself in my hotel room on Thursday night testing out many of the online game suggestions they made. During his keynote address, Kevin Honeycutt reminded all of us, “while at NCTIES, don’t test drive the device, test drive the IDEA!” When attending a conference, like NCTIES, it’s easy to focus on the cool technology tools, devices and resources because they’re cool. Unfortunately, sometimes this is all we focus on and we don’t move on to the application of these tools, devices and resources in our own buildings and classrooms. I made sure, while taking all my notes and bookmarking in Evernote, that I always had a brainstorming list of ideas for application running. Doing this has made it much easier for me begin planning and sharing with my colleagues.

Another trend that I saw while at the conference was fostering and bnctiescchs Day 1 Recap  with images  tweets  · tavia_clark · Storifyuilding opportunities at school for kids to explore, discover and use their passions. Just doing the same thing everyday, even if it works or produces high test scores, isn’t enough. We have to take risks in our classrooms and schools to allow a safe space for students to figure out their passions and, more importantly, use those passions for more than just projects inside our four walls. I heard many presenters talking about how they’re doing this through Genius Hour, 20% Time and the makerspaces they’re building at their schools. No matter how these presenters are allowing students to explore their passions, they all expect these kids to use these passions for something more. So that becomes the key. You discover your passion and then, “So what!?!”

I have already used some of the resources I learned about, as I planned for Digital Learning Day with my staff. I will blog about these specific resources in the coming days. I also plan to record and post a #NCTIES15 highlight video on Quick Tech By TM, along with my partner in crime, Mollee Holloman.