Yeah, I Do Marathons…

Hi, my name is Tavia and I’m a Netflix addict.

IMG_0932Okay, so I will admit, after commuting home from work, making dinner, looking after my kitty and the countless other tasks that await me every afternoon, it’s pretty normal for me to plop down on the couch and watch 19340138949310834 episodes of whatever show I’m currently addicted to on Netflix. We’ve had Netflix since its infancy, back when it was only DVDs, through mail [I know, OMG right!?!]. I’ve definitely grown accustomed to watching whatever I want, when I want it. I know I’m an adult, so it’s my right to spend my time how I choose, but recently I’ve been reflecting a lot on just that; how I spend my time. Why is it so easy to just turn on the XBox and start streaming something? Why can’t it be equally as easy to add more teacher PD challenges to my Website? Or to update my blog? Or to get lost in the Twitterverse?

Life has a way of taking it out of us. Maybe it’s just me, but being a Librarian is hard work. I come home exhausted most days, fulfilled, but tired beyond belief. My mind tells me to pick up that book I’m longing to finish, but my worn out body tells me to just turn on Gilmore Girls or Friday Night Lights and rewatch it for the 10th time!

Today, when talking to one of my students, an idea struck me. There is nothing wrong with binge watching, but for me, I realize that I get lost in the Netflix void and sacrifice other things that are so much more important. Like the conversation a kid is dying to have with me about the same book we’re reading, except I’m still only half way done because The Mindy Project has been taking up a lot of my free time. Or the PD challenges for Quick Tech By TM that I have planned, but haven’t recorded videos for because I’m rewatching 30 Rock to spend time with my spirit animal, Tina Fey. Or the Twitter chats I’ve been missing in order to catch up on Game of Thrones.

I laugh about this, but in reality how we choose to spend our time is so important. For me, those conversations about books that I have with my students are so worthwhile! BUT…I can’t have them if I don’t make time to read and stay current. The connections I have with my PLN are priceless. BUT…these connections are only as strong as the effort I make to sustain them. Being a Librarian and an educator doesn’t stop when we leave the school building at the end of a long, hard day. We are never off. Our lives revolve around our ability to be connected and always learning.

So instead of marathons, it’s triathlons for me; a lot of books, some worthwhile internetting with my PLN and a little Netflix sprinkled in here and there!