Hello Monday

IMG_1329 In order to get yourself into a regular habit of blogging, it can be helpful to pick one or two themed posts to write on a weekly basis. Blogging can sometimes seem discouraging when you feel like you don’t have enough, or even anything to say.

Since it’s always good to listen to your own advice, I am going to start a regular post called Hello Monday on this blog. With this post, I hope to begin the week with a little humor, some motivation and things that inspire me. So let’s do this…

floodLet me explain this one. I live in downtown Norfolk, VA. If you’re familiar at all with this area, you know that it floods and when I say floods, I mean it seriously floods, like rivers running through the streets sort of flooding. When I woke up Sunday morning, I had no idea that I would spend my day wading through almost waist deep water, helping an older man out of his submerged car, bailing out my husband’s car with mixing bowls and buckets and trying to figure out how to dry out a car that lucky for us, decided not to die after being flooded. Whew!!

So, you’re probably wondering why I’d consider this as humor. Well sometimes all you can do to keep yourself from freaking out and crying, is to laugh. I am laughing and smiling because it could’ve been worse. We could have lost our car, the older man could’ve been hurt. And just picture it, me trying to push a Honda Civic in waist deep water; all 105 pounds of me.

Also I also came across this comic which is the perfect description of my summer life!


Tavia Clark   tavia_clark    Twitter


Pernille Ripp’s blog – Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension and especially her recent post “You are Not Just a Teacher”

I can’t say enough about the beauty of Pernille Ripp’s blog. I was fortunate enough to attend one of her sessions at NCTIES 2015 and I sat mesmerized as she talked about blogging, her students and all that they’re doing and saying because she has inspired and empowered them. If you’re in a teaching rut or you need a pick me up, READ THIS POST. Better yet, read as many of her blog posts as you can. She’s earnest, honest and her words are beautiful.


Enjoy your week everyone!







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