Hello Monday



Let’s begin the week with a little humor, some motivation and things that inspire me.





Dogs with pants. Need I say more?

I swear, these never get old.

This tweet made me so excited. Mollee and I have worked so hard on Quick Tech by TM and while we were met with only slight interest from our colleagues, we believe in what we’ve created and will keep pushing forward. Thank you Corinne for your kind words!

And there’s this quote:
idon'tlikewhenpeopleI have to say that I’m guilty of saying “prepare our students for the real world…” just as much as the next educator is. But when I read this, it really hit home. Our students are a part of the real world everyday. For some of them this reality is amazing, nurturing, more than fair. However, for many of our students, this reality is disheartening, toxic, unsafe and dream killing. I love the idea of taking students where they are, where they come from and preparing them for a world that is far better than the one we live in now – a world that they help to create.

This – always remember this…

Enjoy your week!


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