Collection Development Webinar with ECU LIBS Graduate School Students

Each semester, at the request of my former Professor, Dr. Jami Jones, I agree to be a featured guest for LIBS 6018 – Collection Development. This course is one that all students at ECU’s Department of Library Science must take. Dr. Jones has numerous webinars during the semester to feature librarians from different institutions; academic libraries, public libraries and school libraries. Each semester she asks me to speak on behalf of school librarians. 

This webinar focuses on collection development within the school library setting. I prepare a presentation that outlines our school and my unique approach to collection development. I stress the importance of the collection in building an effective media program and outline my beliefs and practicing in developing the collection at CCHS. This is an awesome opportunity for me to teach and connect with future librarians. It’s one of my favorite things that I get to do each semester and I always look forward to it.

Dr. Jones is very complimentary of my presentations and always shares student feedback. Each webinar is recorded and this particular session can be found at:​


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