Aurasma Book Commercials with Manteo Elementary School

My friend, partner in crime, and friend Mollee and I decided we wanted to have our students collaborate again this year on a project. We’ve both been using Aurasma in our libraries and thought that this would be a great way to have our kids interact and learn from each other. We both sought out English teachers who we knew would be willing to play. After listening to their concerns/needs for their students, our project was born.

We decided to partner Mrs. Gregory’s Honors English IV students and AIG 5th grade students from Manteo Elementary School to complete a collaborative book commercial project. The idea of this project is for CCHS students to create auras (augmented reality) that will help explain and teach about literary terms/devices, summarizing techniques and the ins and outs of creating a good book commercial. This project allows Mrs. Gregory to meet her goals, as well as, the AIG teacher from MES to meet hers.

I will be co-teaching with Mrs. Gregory during the project. On the first day, we will introduce students to the project, go over the purpose, and do mini lessons on Google Slides and recording videos with Chromebooks. During the second day, I will lead the class in how to create auras using Aurasma Studio and the Aurasma mobile app.

Project Directions for English IV Students

I’m super excited to get this project under way and can’t wait to see what our kids produce to teach the 5th graders.


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