Who knew something so small could be a game changer?

I know that I should be creating reports to document all of the data from the library program. I mean, it’s really Librarian 101. Even though I always have the best intentions, collecting the data, printing out multiple reports, even putting it all in a spreadsheet, I rarely find the time to actually create something out of it. You see, I am VERY creative when it comes to instruction and planning and working with teachers, but anything artistic stumps me. I just wasn’t born with that ability, so creating beautifully laid out reports is difficult for me.

I promised myself at the beginning of the school year that I would make myself publish library reports. In order to make this an obtainable goal, I decided to publish one every 9 weeks. While that’s a long time to go between sharing information, I do stay current on the library’s social media accounts, so I’m sharing day to day in a more informal way.

Yesterday was the last day of the 1st 9 weeks. It really crept up on me and I remembered my promise to myself; create a report, create a report. So, I added that to my already overflowing To-Do list. Towards the end of my day, I carved out a good, solid 30 minutes and pulled all my data and put it in a spreadsheet to organize it all and do all of the math. I began my report using Canva and finished it at home last night. While the report is simple and doesn’t contain all of the elements that I would like it to, I got it done and sent it out in an email to our whole staff last night. And I was amazed at what happened next…

This morning when I opened my email, I had about 7 replies to my snapshot report – all positive comments! I had no idea that something so simple, outlining basic data about circulations, Chromebooks, classes served and our makerspace events would warrant actual replies form my colleagues. What I saw as a report that showed me not doing enough, didn’t read that way at all to everyone else.

Reading their emails warmed my heart and made me feel so proud of my work. I realize now that what might seem simple and lacking to me, can be very eye opening and impressive to others! I think what this taught me is that I’m my own toughest critic and that producing and sharing actual data about the library program is not just a good thing, it’s necessary!

Here’s the CCHS Library Snapshot on the 1st 9 Weeks:




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