November Maker Mondays in the CCHS Library

IMG_1954.JPGDuring the month of November, my assistant, Mrs. O’Briant, and I decided to have Maker Monday events during the last 4 Mondays. Last year, all of our Maker events had a theme focus (i.e. May the 4th Be With You – Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland). Since I was out so much in October, we decided that we would host events that students would rotate through, throughout the month.

Our events for Maker Mondays has two focuses. We featured more crafty maker events that allowed students to create footbaths, bath bombs, sugar scrubs and do nail art. We also had stations that were more technology and engineering focused, such as Makey Makey game controller creation, LEGOs, Snap Circuits and paper rockets.

Students signed up and we scheduled them accordingly during their lunch. While this gave us the opportunity to have more students participate, in hindsight, 30 minutes wasn’t really enough time for all of the stations. Regardless of the rush, all of our students had a great time! I’m excited to continue with our Maker events during the rest of the school year.



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