CCHS Hour of Code – Wrap Up

Our first time hosting Hour of Code events in the CCHS Library was beyond AWESOME!! It was a huge success and the students left, each bell, excited and wanting more! I even had numerous students who didn’t sign up for the special events begging to have another coding week at CCHS to continue the fun and learning. Their excitement has taught me that every week should be Hour of Code week and I’m working on ideas for making coding more accessible and fun for both students and teachers. It’s my hope, that each time we do coding activities and events, more and more students and teachers will participate. Maybe we can even have 100% participation during next year’s annual Hour of Code.

Here’s a break down of our week…
Hour of Code Flyers (4)

I’m so excited that our students are embracing coding and programming and using their own time to work through lessons in Code Academy. Each day they’re completing more exercises and the best part – they’re proud of themselves, sharing their learning and successes with other teachers and students! You know Hour of Code made an impact when students choose to keep learning on their own.

I’ve been so excited to read what everyone else did during Hour of Code! Feel free to leave your experience with Hour of Code at your school in the comments!


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